PinkNoise Studio Inc.
educational, multimedia & soundware developing company.

postal address: Vásár u. 2, 1084 Budapest
Hungary - EU



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PinkNoise Studio was founded in 1996 by Andras Haasz & Csilla Szebenyi

Contact: info[at]



Music for multimedia, television, film & commercials
Melodiefabriek produces quality music. That's the reason why you might hear our music on television and CD-rom productions. Melodiefabriek is focussed on productions in which the music plays a very important role.

Belvárosi Tanoda Foundation

The Belvárosi Tanoda Foundation was founded in 1990; it started its work in the same year. Its main job and activity is looking for deviant young people, providing aid, care and education for them.
The essence of the Foundation's activity is formulating, together with young people lacking in any kind of qualification and being expelled from all other institutions of traditional system of care individualized chances of life, and bring them to such a mental and physical state, which makes them ready to take advantage of these chances.